Radar Men From The Moon Republic Pictures  (1952)
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Radar Men From The Moon Republic Pictures  (1952)

Starring: George wallace as Commando Cody

Aline Towne as Joan Gilbert

Roy Barcroft as Retik, Ruler of the Moon


Clayton Moore as Graber

Directed by Fred C. Bannon


In 1952 Republic produced it’s most expensive serial to date. The making of Radar Men From The Moon involved a new standard of special effects created by the Lydecker Brothers and a story line so exciting it would offer the opportunity to use thousands of feet of stock footage. Hollywood’s finest stunt men would painfully choreograph fight scenes in which no piece of furniture was safe. Starring Commando Cody (Dressed suitably for the moons surface in Aluminum helmet, leather jacket, woolen slacks and shoes) as the only man who can save the Earth. Cody bumbles along losing valuable equipment, constantly putting his staff in life threatening situations and losing the majority of the fist fights.

The terrible threat of Moon Attack is finally quashed. The Moon Men (Who’s biggest problem seems to be their inability to gain control over their financial affairs) are destroyed and peace returns to the Earth.

Thank God for Commando Cody.

8 Page Booklet included



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