Zombies Of The Stratosphere Republic Pictures (1952)
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Zombies Of The Stratosphere Republic Pictures (1952)

Starring: Judd Holdren as Larry Martin

Aline Towne as Sue Davis

Wilson Wood as Bob Wilson and Lane Bradford as Marex

Directed by Fred C. Bannon


This is the third exciting installment in the Rocket Man Collection. Once again the Earth is threatened by evil aliens from outer space. This time around it is the despicable Marex and his band of humourless sidekicks from Mars who plan to throw the Earth out of its orbit so Mars can take its place and enjoy some good weather conditions. Once again the aliens have scoured the world to find some individuals who are willing to send the Earth toward total destruction for no apparent reason.  Luckily we have, our hero,  Rocket Man who can defeat the aliens and save the world.

God bless you Rocket Man.

8 Page booklet included

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