Madmen Of Mandoras -David Bradley (1963) Unearthed Entertainment UN002
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Madmen Of Mandoras -David Bradley (1963)

Unearthed Entertainment UN002


SEE!! The amazingly shifty populace of Mandoras!


SEE!! The most dangerous man in Mandoras shot after 15 seconds on screen


SEE!! Phil’s amazing slap which brings Kathy out of her hysterical outburst!


SEE!! Phil and Professor Coleman disable dangerous Nazi guards with one karate

chop to the neck!

Professor John Coleman has discovered an antidote for a dangerous nerve gas that can kill humans instantly. This has attracted the interest of a group of insane Nazis located in Mandoras. The Nazis plan to use the gas to conquer the world and the discovery of an antidote could foil their plan the kidnap Professor Coleman and all his living relatives and hold them prisoner in a palace in Mandoras. Where the Nazis have preserved the living head of Adolf Hitler. Among those kidnapped is the professor’s son in law Phil Day. Phil encourages the group to escape and when they learn that not everyone in Mandoras is a madman, they recruit a small army and try to foil the Nazis evil plot.


Directed by David Bradley

Written by Steve Bennett and Peter Miles.


Walter Stocker, Audrey Caire, Carlos Rivas, John Holland, Marshall Reed, Scott Peters, Keith Dahle  and Bill Freed as Hitler’s Head.

Cast and crew stayed at the Hotel Mandoras

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